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POL - Visiting the sources of Dehonian spirituality

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From July 14-28, 2018, three young Belarusian Dehonians – Vitalij, Henadz and Valery – spent time together preparing for their final vows. They came to know, through their pilgrimage, where and how Fr. Dehon lived. They also became familiar with the pastoral reality in France today. They explored their vocation in a profound way.

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On this pilgrimage they were led by two priests: Fr. Marek Borzęcki, SCJ, and Fr. Łukasz Grzejda, SCJ, from Stadniki's Seminary. On the day of the spiritual retreat, Fr. Jerzy Sędzik, SCJ, gave two conferences and a sermon during the Mass. Among the places the group visited: Freiburg, La Salette, Paray-Le-Monial, Paris, La Capelle, Saint-Quentin, and Brussels. In each place they experienced kindness from the Dehonian confreres. Let us keep Vitaliji in prayer this year as he makes his final vows, and next year when Henadz and Valery do.

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