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IND - No more called as ex- seminarians but seminarians outside the seminary

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It was the decision of our District Administration to gather all our ex-seminarians. The purpose of bringing them together to one place is to know their current life style, future ambitions and to continue our relationship with each of them as Dehonians. Many of our ex-seminarians are in touch with us. When the invitation is given to them, for this get together, many have responded positively and took active part in it. We have conducted this gathering at CDN on 3rd December, 2017. Nearly 25 ex-seminarians have participated in this gathering. Most of them are studying and good number of them has settled with good salary. Each of them was given a chance to share their feelings and experiences outside the seminary.

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By and large, they are all happy and excelling in their lives. Many of them are ready to give their helping hand in terms of providing vocations, and financial support. Putting it in their own words "we are indebted to our Congregation; therefore we are ready to help and support you financially".

Father McQueen SCJ, our District superior has encouraged our ex-seminarians to be in touch with us. Fr. Jojappa Ch. SCJ has given a talk on their responsibility as Lay - Dehonians. Fr. Michael Augustine SCJ, the superior of the CDN Community has formed a team of Dehon Youth and has extended an open invitation for them to become the active members and collaborators in our Indian Mission.

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In the morning session we had group animation, and sharing of their experiences in and out of seminary life. At 12.30 pm we had a solemn Holy Eucharistic celebration marking the First Sunday of Advent. After the lunch, we had cultural events. At 5.00 pm we had our photo session and the meaningful gathering came to an end.

Fr. Balraj Irudayaraj SCJ