1AG - 2014: a decisive year for a more just and fraternal world

2014-01-02 papa-colombapg

Dear dehonian brothers, confreres and members of the Dehonian Family,   my cordial greetings of peace and brotherhood for the New Year.

At the beginning of the New Year, Pope Francis invites us to reflect on the fraternity, condition for a world of peace, and the "necessary conversion of hearts which would permit everyone to recognize in the other a brother or sister to care for, and to work together with, in building a fulfilling life for all". (Message for the World Day of Peace - 2014, n. 7).

At the international level this is the last year of the Millennium Goals and the year of the choice of a new agenda, for 2015-2030, that will move the world to find solutions to the challenge of hunger and extreme poverty. It is a truly pressing duty - the Pope reminds us - to use the earth’s resources in such a way that all may be free from hunger. It is well known that the present production is sufficient, and yet millions of persons continue to suffer and die from hunger, and this is a real scandal (cf. Message n.9).


For us, 2014 will be the year of the local chapters, preparing for the XXIII General Chapter of the congregation. We, who are mercifully loved by God, want to deepen the sense of brotherhood and community life, and together, with the poor, promote a just and fraternal world.

In line with the same purpose is Vivat International, which we joined two years ago. On the website www.Vivat.International.org the Newsletter N. 58 is available in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Soon also in French.

The contents of this edition relate to the challenge of world hunger and the effort in favor of the production of food, which should become a central theme in the world after the United Nations declared 2014 as The Year of Family Farming and the Church - through Caritas Internationalis - has launched the campaign "One Human Family - Food for All".

In addition, the bulletin No. 58 addresses other important issues in favor of a more just and humane world: Mining and land grabbing; the2014-01-02 pace beginning of a dialogue between the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the leaders of the mining enterprises; the current situation of the mining issue in Brazil and the right to water; you can also read about the wonders that Vivat-associated members do in the Philippines to help thevictims of the earthquake and typhoon that devastated the lives of many regions of the country, as well as other members in Bolivia who defend the illegally detained children, and others in India, who promote the rights of the Dalits, the Christian population that is often the victim of widespread discrimination; you can still find information on the Workshop madein Ghana for the congregations associated with Vivat in the Eastern Africa and a greeting of peace for the new year from the international President.

Wishing you all a year of peace with justice and reconciliation,

Claudio Weber scj